VIETNAM: Overnight cruise at Halong Bay

Xin Chao, Halong Bay!

A 3.5-hour drive to and a drawn-out wait at Tuan Chau marina on a hot humid day did not dampen our mood as we waited to get on a boat to bring us to our Image Halong Glory junk cruise where we are going to stay for 2D1N at Halong Bay. It was a bright happy day after all.

Boats to Cruise at Halong Bay
One of these boats brought us to our cruise at Halong Bay

Thank God for good weather because the bright clear day also meant we got to enjoy the blue and green views Halong Bay provides. After settling in, we didn’t waste a single second in getting out of the room and soak in the view.

View Outside Cabin at Halong Bay
This is the view outside our cabin on the cruise
View From Top of Cruise at Halong Bay
This is the view from the top of our cruise

Soon, it was time to get off the comfy cruise for some activities. We visited Hang Sung Sot which is a cave with stalactites and stalagmites, and Ti Top Island where we climbed the steps to the top to enjoy a panoramic view of Halong Bay before resting and enjoying the sunset at Ti Top Beach. The night ended with a dinner on the cruise that included a Vietnamese spring roll making demo and some spring roll DIY.

Hiking at Halong Bay
Hiking halfway to the vantage point
Island-hopping at Halong Bay
The little slice of beach where we parked our bums on to enjoy the sunset
Sunset at Halong Bay
Sunset with watercolour strokes in the sky
DIY Spring Roll at Halong Bay
Our yummy DIY spring roll

After the slew of activities, seeing Halong Bay wake up silently to the rays of sunrise from the top of the cruise the next morning was rejuvenating to the soul. After breakfast, kayaking was in order before going back to the mainland.

Kayaking at Halong Bay
Kayaking allowed us to admire the views at our own pace

We could have done just a day trip to tour Halong Bay, but without staying overnight on the junk cruise, we would not have been able to do so much while immersing in all that Halong Bay could offer. It was one great unique experience that we did not regret. Highly recommend that you join a Halong Bay overnight boat tour!

Goodbye, Halong Bay!
Goodbye, Halong Bay

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By: Chocolate and Marshmallow