AUSTRALIA: 7 perks of staying in Sydney’s CBD

Sydney Opera House

Thinking of where to stay in Sydney? Whether it is a 5-star hotel, small inn or youth hostel you are after, the Central Business District (CBD) in Sydney has them all. It is really the best place to stay in Sydney for tourists.

For us, we stayed at Sydney Central Inn on Pitt Street. Bathrooms are on a common-use basis, but that was a small concession given the accommodation’s fee while being at such a wonderful location. It is just a 3-minute walk from Sydney Central Railway station, and Sydney Harbour Bridge is only a straight walk down the street. Everything from supermarkets and convenience stores to cafes and bars are nearby, and the area is vibrant till late at night.

View from our room - see, Sydney Central Railway station is just a stone's throw away!
View from our room – see, Sydney Central Railway station is just a stone’s throw away!

Find an accommodation that suits you and enjoy the following benefits of staying in the CBD.

1. Enjoy fantastic F&B lunch/day promotions

Sydney is a rather expensive city, but because there are many dining establishments in the CBD, business is competitive. As such, we simple folks benefit because we get to enjoy a satisfying meal at a more palatable price. Here is a taster of the great prices; a bowl of Tom Yum Noodle costs AUD 5.90 while a bowl of Tonkotsu Ramen costs AUD 4.90!

2. Select from the many highly-rated F&B establishments to eat at

If you search for Sydney’s dining establishments on Zomato, you will find that most of the highly-rated ones are located in the CBD. This means that if you stay in the CBD, you have more good choices to select from and with any selection, know that you are very likely to have a lovely time there.

3. Save on transport

As most, if not, all sights you may want to see in Sydney are located at the CBD, staying where the sights are situated at means you can walk to them, saving on transport cost.

4. Access non-CBD sights easily

Be it Bondi, Manly or Blue Mountains, CBD is a central location that allows you to travel to these places easily.

5. Explore more sights

Compared to someone who chooses to stay in the outskirts, you can wake up at the same time and yet enjoy the sights that Sydney has to offer earlier. With that, it also means you can explore more in Sydney.

6. Stay out later

With many great restaurants, pubs and bars in the CBD, you can afford to stay out later if you stay in the CBD because it will not take you long to get back to your accommodation to rest.

7. Enjoy sights more energetically

With lesser time spent on commuting, it basically means you can spend more time on a good night’s rest and be refreshed the next day. After all, you are there for a good exploration right?

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By: Chocolate & Marshmallow