UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: 21-hour transit in Dubai

Madinat Jumeirah with Burj Al Arab in Dubai

If you fly with Emirates airline, you will definitely transit at Dubai. Take advantage of the opportunity to explore this Middle Eastern gem and choose a longer transit time when booking your flights.

As we had free nights’ stay at Ascott Park Place Dubai due to company perks, we chose the longest transit time which was 21 hours even though that meant we arrived at Dubai at 6am.

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ITINERARY: Hanoi-Halong Bay (4 Days)

Sunset at Halong Bay

Prior to visiting Hanoi, we had not done any research about Hanoi’s attractions. We only knew that we were definitely joining a Halong Bay 2D1N tour. Upon arrival at our hotel, we asked for a map and recommendations from the hotel staff, and proceeded to explore Hanoi city. Memorable highlights from this Vietnam trip have been shared in previous story posts, and today, we are sharing our travel itinerary for those planning a similar short trip to Hanoi.

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VIETNAM: 4D3N Hanoi, the unexpected

Deadly Weapons at Vietnam Military History Museum at Hanoi

Although Chocolate had come back from his company retreat at Ho Chi Minh with disappointment as he felt that the food and sights were underwhelming, Marshmallow managed to convince him to visit Halong Bay. Off we went to explore Hanoi, with no plans set other than visiting Halong Bay.

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VIETNAM: Overnight cruise at Halong Bay

Xin Chao, Halong Bay!

A 3.5-hour drive to and a drawn-out wait at Tuan Chau marina on a hot humid day did not dampen our mood as we waited to get on a boat to bring us to our Image Halong Glory junk cruise where we are going to stay for 2D1N at Halong Bay. It was a bright happy day after all.

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INDIA: 9 tips for travelling in Incredible India

India's Taj Mahal

India is a great country with lots to offer. The people are friendly and hospitable. Markets are vibrant and alive. Palaces, forts and temples are intricately designed and carved. Blending old world charm with the modern, you will have a good time embracing India’s colourful life and its vivid details if you just note the following tips.

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